You can slowly feel that winter is approaching. The gentle cold whispers against your face, gives your cheeks a little color. Unfortunately, the lips are not spared. It is therefore a must that everyone has lip balms in every pocket to protect your lips from cracking and drying out. Here’s a list of lip balms, which prepares you for the winter that is hiding around the corner:

1. Tinted lip balms from FlourishBathBody

If you don’t like wearing lipstick and the smudgy feeling against your lips, I would like to direct you to FlourishBathBody and their section of lip tints. The lip tints are perfect for the cold weather of winter. The lip tints moisturizes your lips and adds a thin layer of colour, which is very uplifting for the winter. They are also very economical in use. They only contain natural ingredients and no harmful additives: They are not scented or flavoured.

2. Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 

According to the product container of Kiehl’s Lip Balm, it protects and soothes dry lips from the cold weather. This is a lip balm that keeps its promises. It is a Kiehl’s classic and has been on the market since 1969, and there is a reason for that. It is also available with sun protection factor and in scented versions.

An extra tip: Apply a very thin layer to your lips before you go to bed and you will wake up with soft lips.

3. Smith’s Rosebud Salve

The rosebud salve from Smith’s is a cult favourite that has been used obligatorily for different purposes in many families since 1895. To have this in your pocket is like having a piece of vintage in your pocket. Its container makes you think of beautiful vintage photos of grandmothers in their younger days looking gorgeous. It is no wonder that this rosebud salve has been used religiously generation after generation, it moisturizes and makes your lips glossy without appearing grease.

An extra tip: If you don’t like, or feel like, applying mascara, you can use the salve to add gloss and shine to your eyelashes.

4. The Body Shop’s Lipscuff & Lip Care

The lipscuff from The Body Shop is perfect for winter. It gently exfoliates your lips and removes the dead skin cells that make your lips appear dry. As a supplement to this, you can apply The Body Shop’s Lip Care to moisture your lips. Moistened lips always appear healthy.

An extra tip: During the wintertime you can also use the toothbrush trick to exfoliate your lips. Put a soft toothbrush into a cup of boiling water for a minute and then use the toothbrush to brush your lips gently. Not only does it remove dryness, it also helps the blood circulation in your lips, which will give your lips a beautiful natural colour. Use lip balms as supplement to add moisture.